AI Battle: OpenAI's GPT vs Google's BARD

Oct 09, 2023

Google's Bard combines the breadth of the world’s knowledge with power, intelligence, and creativity. Bard is a chatbot with a persona that can hold human-like conversations and is intended for creative collaboration, for instance, to generate software code or write a caption for a photo.

In this blog post, we will highlight some top features of Bard.

Google's competitor to Open AI's ChatGPT, Bard is now available in over 180 countries. 

*When writing this post, Bard was not accessible in Canada.

Here are some key feature takeaways about Bard.

1. Bard can access the internet search and provide real-time information, unlike ChatGPT3, whose data is limited to 2021.

2. Voice Input: Like Siri, you can talk to Bard instead of writing.

3. Export: You can directly export a response to Google Docs or Gmail.

4. Summarize: It can summarize a website or article as it has real-time access to the internet.

5. Multiple drafts: It can generate 3 versions of an answer.

6. Code: It can explain a code and how it works. For example, explain what the file agent py in this repo is.

7. Plan your trips: With access to real-time data, Bard can help you plan your trip.

8. Plugins: Bard can access plugins, and you can instantly access Spotify, Indeed, Uber Eats, and Google apps.

9. Mobile: Bard will be available as a mobile app.

10. Images: Bard can provide images in response to a prompt.

11. Image prompt: You can import an image to Bard to ask related questions.

12. Programming language: Bard will support more than 20+ programming languages.

And the highlight - Bard is entirely free to use.

Google Vs OpenAI by Digii Ninja

Are you excited to try Google's new invention - Bard? Or are you going to stick to ChatGPT? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

**With inputs from Moritz Kremb and Paul AI.